Apr 14, 2010

Domino's Pizza Delivery

29th Mar 2010

Domino's Pizza is back in Singapore after a 10 year absence. They pulled out from Singapore in Yr 2000 after the first failed attempt. Months ago, they return with a new franchise and strive to provide not only fast but quality food too. This is the only pizza delivery in Singapore that promise 30 minutes delivery or a free regular pizza voucher on your next order. Read many good reviews about them and always wanted to try but they deliver to selected area only. Glad that they do deliver to my workplace.

Online ordering is quick and easy. I ordered a regular 9" Half & Half with "Classic Hand Toss" crust which is made from fresh dough using an unique oil-free screen baking process. Add-on like onion ring, bread stick and twisty bread are free when ordering online and I chose onion rings. So did my order arrive within 30 mins? Oh no, it was late by 5 mins and I was given a free pizza voucher. Definitely looking forward to my next order as I really like the pizza especially the crust texture is nice and chewy. So far this is one of the better pizza delivery I had tried so far.

Half & Half - Classified Chicken & Chicken Temptation

Classic hand toss crust with top secret sauce. Classified chicken - succulent smoked chicken breast, fresh onion and mushrooms. Very tasty and chessy. I like it very much. As for the Chicken temptation, red and green pepper and turkey ham are used instead of onions and mushroom. Both tasted almost similar, very flavourful.
Just look at the thick layer of creamy cheese. Shiok!
Garlic Cheese Onion Ring

Quite nice, very garlicky and tasty but a bit oily.

Call: 6222 6333 or order online at:


Bella V said...

I didn't know domino can do a half & half! Perhaps next time when my pizza craving kicks in, I'll just order that :)

Wen said...

Hi Bella,

Yes they do but you must choose the same pizza sauce.

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