Apr 12, 2010

Old Airport Road Food Centre

28th Mar 2010

A Sunday family dinner outing and all of us decided to have some good hawker fares instead of the usual cze char. We decided to satisfy our local food craze at Old Airport Road Food Centre which is one of the popular food centre in Singapore that have many nice food. We ordered quite a few items to share. Let me share what we had that evening...

Chuan Kee Satay - Pork & Chicken Satay with rice

The stall owners are an old Chinese couple and they been selling this for 50 years. Very authentic tasty Chinese style satay. Very nicely grilled and pineapple puree was added to the sauce which was not commonly seen nowadays.

Lao Fu Zi Fried Kway Teow

The CKT tasted alright but lack wok hei and a bit too dry for my liking.

Pasta Manna - Marinara

My pasta craze continued here too. Value for money at S$4.50 very generous with the seafood and the seafood was very fresh. However the sauce lacked the rich tanginess that I always look for in tomatoes base pasta.

Tang Charcoal BBQ - BBQ Chicken Wings

Well seasoned but some parts of the wings were not BBQ thoroughly.

Wanton Mee

I'm not sure where my uncle ordered from but was from one of the 2 famous wanton mee stalls facing the main road. Tasted ordinary nothing fantastic.

Fried Oyster Egg

This was quite good, from one of the stall near the wanton mee facing the main road.


This was surprisingly very nice though not from those highly recommended stall! It's a pity and sorry too that I never checked out where this from. D told me was from a stall that sell carrot cake and they are near the famous Toa Payoh Rojak.


Wanted to order from Toa Payoh Rojak but they are closed on Sun so just got it from another stall near them. My family favourite except me. They commented not bad

Old Airport Road Food Centre
51 Old Airport Road


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OHHH...how I missed those hawker food! Rojak!!! mmmmm

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Hi Loong,

Thanks for visiting. You have a nice blogs.

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