May 16, 2010

BBQ Smokey Orange Flavour Pork Ribs

24th Apr 2010 - Weekend Cooking

It's Saturday and I was off! Felt like cooking something special for dinner but what? So went through my recipe collection file and decided to try out Chef Yong's recipe - BBQ Pork Ribs. It has been on my to try list for quite awhile and since I had a full rack of baby ribs in my freezer so decided to give it a go. Wow, I managed to grill the pork ribs nicely! My family was quite impressed with it and commented that it's almost like replicating Tony Roma's rib. Lol! But I find it a bit sweet so maybe the next time I will reduce the sugar in the sauce

BBQ Smokey Orange Flavour Pork Ribs

Quite flavourful and the meat was tender too. The BBQ sauce was smokey and full of orange flavour.

Potato Salad

The last time Sharon brought to this to our office for pot luck and I liked it very much. Very simple and easy to make. Boiled potato & hard boiled egg mixed with mayo, top with bacon bits and chopped spring onion.

Bought full rack of ribs from Mmmm at Square 2. Seasoned it with paprika powder, salt and pepper, then slow bake for 1.5 hour with some water, ginger & spring onions. Discard the juice and glazed it with BBQ sauce with orange juice added. Grilled the glaze ribs on max heat till the BBQ sauce nicely caramelised on the ribs

Vongole (Clam Pasta)

Also made a pasta for dinner to serve with the ribs. Linguine with lots of clams in white wine sauce.


Bern said...

How do you get the energy to cook up such a storm? I'm so tired after work that all I want to do is to sit in front of the telly and eat crabs packed from the nearest cze char place.

Wen said...

Hi Bern,

Haha I don't do that often only in the weekends and is my hobby.

florence said...

Hi Wen

Please share the recipe for Linguine with lots of clams in white wine sauce.

thank you

Wen said...

Hi Florence,

I will try because I cooked that based on estimation.

3 hungry tummies said...

Oh I'd love some of the ribs, the marinade sounds fantastic!

Wen said...

Thank you for your comment.

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