May 31, 2010

Laduree's Macaron @ Paris

Weeks ago my brother delighted me with 2 boxes of macarons from Paris again when he came back from his recent trip in May 2010. The last time was from Paul's and this round was Laduree, a pâtissier in Paris that sell one the best macaron. And the other one was from the famous Pierre Herme which will be on my next post. Both are very nice and I can't really remember which flavours I tried. Laduree macarons are more authentic, offer more of the basic flavours where Pierre Herme's are more exotic and daring in creating new flavours. Laduree's macaron was sweeter and the shell crispier than Pierre Herme.


wensdelight said...

Oh my brother is an airline crew, so his trips to Paris were for work. Sorry can't help you much.

Blackchecks said...

I love macaroons!(: Am planning my first trip to Paris. May I know how your brother usually travel there? via travel packages? I am looking at some packages from travel agents and insing travel. Any advise? 

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