Jun 12, 2010

CP Charcoal Grilled Chicken - New!

I'm a fan of CP chicken products and was delighted to see that they have launched a new product - Mini chicken steak with Japanese Sauce. CP seldom disappoint me and I was quite please with this one too. Just pop into the oven or microwave and within minutes we can enjoy great tasting chicken that goes pretty well with rice or as sandwich fillings.

Boneless chicken leg was well seasoned, very tender and moist. Glad that it was not too sweet just nice for me.

Usual price @ S$4.95/pkt now S$4.40/pkt at NTUC.

My lunch today - CP charcoal grilled chicken served it with some sliced Japanese cucumber & mayo on Gardenia Herb & Tomato loaf. Really yummy and enjoyable!


Miso said...

Yum Yum! Good idea! Fuss free cooking :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am interested to invite you to our company's exclusive food tasting event. Can you let me know your email so I can send you a formal invitation?

You can reach me at cheddarcheese.sourcream@gmail.com. Thanks! :)

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