Oct 1, 2010

D'Kranji Farm Resort

27th Aug 2010

After our lunch at La Forketta, we proceeded to Kranji Countryside. A little surprise for J, we planned a 2 days 1 night farm stay at D'Kranji Farm Resort. We only mentioned to her that we will be spending the night in the wild. She thought we were going for camping...lol! A long drive almost 45mins from town to this end of Singapore which we were all unfamiliar with. Finally with the guide from the map, we were able to locate the resort.

D'Kranji Farm Resort located in Lim Chu Kang, is the first resort in Singapore to offer farm stay experience. There are a total of 19 villas, a seafood restaurant, a spa and a beer garden with Karaoke in the resort. The website has a very attractive introduction of the resort and without reading and checking out the website in details, we happily booked a villa for the 4 of us. Assuming that a villa must be quite spacious or at least should be the size of a standard hotel twin sharing room which can easily accommodate 4 ladies with an extra bed. However to our ultimate surprise, the resort did not turn out as expected! It's definitely not worth to pay $238 nett per night stay.

The moment we drove into the resort, is the reception kiosk for check in. We can drive straight to our so called "Villa" from the kiosk. We were quite surprised that the whole resort was so quiet and seem that we were the only guests. From the outside, the villa looks rather cosy and nice with a front porch to park one car. However the moment we entered into the room, we were all rather shocked with the size of the room. It's really very very small. The queen size bed occupied the whole room and the TV is hanged onto the wall. There are very limited space for you to walk around. It's like what the webside mentioned "provides a comfortable stay for 2 guests" only. Even so if you want to stay in the room, you have to stay on the bed! Or sit at the balcony. We were all jokingly saying it should call a "smalla" instead of "villa".

Superior Villa

The room is so small that I can't even find a good angle to take a full picture of the room.

The package came with DIY breakfast & refreshment. Before we checked in we were wondering what they meant by DIY? Haha... it's instant cup noodles & Hokkaido milk bun! We were told they will be serving Mcdonald big breakfast from Sep 10 onwards. However they are quite generous with the refreshment, a free bottle red wine, fruit basket and the fridge was packed with soft drinks and juices.

The toilet is exactly what is expected as shown on the website. An open-air bathroom with shower.

The outside is so spacious which I simply don't understand why can't they use the space to enlarge the room instead.

The seafood restaurant and spa in the resort looks boring and not tempting at all. They mentioned there are plantation in the resort but we didn't see much, just a few patches of lush greenery here and there. The only entertainment in the resort is the beer garden with karaoke. Very kampong style and we actually enjoyed ourselves pretty much there. It's quite relaxing to sit there sipping our drinks and watching people singing on the stage, a bit like "gai tai"...lol! There are regulars from the nearby farms who will drop by for a drink after work at the beer garden. So even the resort seem not occupied you will be surprised that the beer garden is quite crowded every night.

Of course with my friends around and their efficiency in bargaining and negotiation, we managed to upgrade our room to Superior plus villa FOC which can comfortably accomodate the four of us. The room is double the size of the one we had though it didn't have a balcony. (Haha I forgotten to take any photos of the upgraded room) The resort management gave an exception to us after our tons of complaints. Also as a compliment since it's my friend's birthday. At least their customer service is passable. By the time we changed the room and settled down, it's time for dinner already. Since the seafood restaurant in the resort does not appeal to us, we decided to drive out for dinner.


Jess @ Bakericious said...

oh I didnt even know have this resort, so suaku hahaha... thanks for sharing your expereince.

ice said...

Wow I didn't even know such a place exist in Singapore. haha did they provide Flor's cakes as well? (:

Wen said...

Hi Jess, my pleasure though it's not really worth visiting.

Hi Ice, I knew about them through a write-up from ST last year. Wow, you are really sharp...lol! That's the bd cake we bought for my friend lah...

Anonymous said...

drop by to look for a review on it.
the food the restaurant provides is really good!
the best one i've had since i've joined FnB industry.

prob it's not suppose to be a really good farm stay resort kinda thing. coz it got into trouble with the URA with all the land use... so the room is kinda small :X


missey mickey said...

The seafood restuarant is the worst place I ever been!!! My hubby and I reached there with a friend at 7.40pm. We orderd our food around 8pm cos no one seem to be bothered with us and we got to find table ourselves for that 20min.
The resturant wasn't really pack with peopleat that time but the duration we waited for our food to be serve was way too long.

Our first dish was serve to us at 9.35pm, and we waited 5 min more for 3 bowls of plain rice to be serve to us. What makes it worst was, the rice wasn't fully cooked!
The server was rude and when we told them, the reply we got was: "sorry, the kitchen are busy, that is why the rice wasn't fully cooked, I change new one for you".
All of our mood was really spoilt, at 10.15pm we were served with other dishes we orderd. While having our 3rd-4th dish served, we request for additional rice as the previous bowl are cold while we wait, the replied was : " sorry, not enough rice , still cooking, got to wait for 20min more."  We did not finish our food and left in a very bad mood.

This is the worst meal we ever ate. We expect better quality, better service with the amount we paid.  It's not really cheap for the bill and the time we wasted is far too long.
I swear that we wont be going there to have any meal even if it 's free!!!

wensdelight said...

Thanks for sharing your experience with me.

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