Sep 30, 2010

La Forketta @ Dempsey

Just back from Phuket on Monday and was sicked for 2 days, down with a very bad flu and fever. Recovering after resting for 2 days and will be starting work tomorrow. However I had an enjoyable trip, a real good break and will be updating my adventures in Phuket soon. Let's me now continue with my backlog.

27th Aug 2010

Another one of my buddy's birthday again, we took a half day leave to have a lady's day out. This seem to be our trend this year. We planned a series of activities for J and of course include some little surprise for her. We started off with a late lunch at La Forketta @ Dempsey recommended by J, the birthday girl.

The Italian restaurant is very spaciously and cosily furnished. Offering al fresco and indoor dining. It was rather quiet on a weekday afternoon, with only 2 tables taken up including us. We ordered a four course meal to share among the 3 of us as J said their portion was pretty huge and we wanted a light lunch since we were going for buffet dinner later. The food quality was pretty good and we were quite satisfied with it though it was quite an expensive lunch.

Bread Basket - S$4.50++

Once seated, the waitress offered us a basket of warm bread and we happily munching it without knowing that it was chargable. The bread was a bit dry and if we knew it was chargable, we definitely do without it.

Parma Ham Salad - S$19.00++

The salad and parma ham were very fresh with light vinaigrette and olive oil dressing. We enjoyed it very much.

Mussel Soup - S$25.00++

The mussels were cooked in garlic, parsley and white wine served with toast. So sweet tasting and appetizing. I like it very much.

Roast Pork - S$35.00++

Our main course was this deliciously roasted pork with garlic and herbs served with roasted sweet potato. The skin was crackingly crispy and the meat was well seasoned and leaned but tender. Overall was nicely done up.

Tiramisu - S$11.00++

The tiramisu was impressive and one of the best I have so far in restaurant. The macarphone cheese was so delightfully light and fluffy with well soaked liquor sponge finger. A must try for tiramisu lover.

La Forketta Gastronomia Italiana
Blk 9 Dempsey Rd
#01-09 Dempsey Hill
Singapore 247697
Tel: 6475 2298
Opening Hour:
Lunch - 12noon to 2.30pm (Sat/Sun - 11.30am)
Dinner - 6.00pm to 10.30pm


muchadoabouteating said...

Oh I like La Forketta too! Always wonder why it has so many bad reviews on hgw. So strange.

Wen said...

Hi PY,

I certainly agree with you. I was quite surprised too. My last dining experience was a pleasant one in term of food and service.

Edith said...

I saw this place when I was there not too long ago. Next time I will visit.

carol said...

olá!!adoei. a receita!!parabéns!!pelo site!!

Wen said...

Hi edith, try the tiramisu if you are there. It's really good.

Hi Carol, thanks for dropping by.

Singaporefoodlover said...

they should have ask u if you want the bread or said there is a charge and not just place in on the table
but the pork dish looks really nice

Wen said...

Hi Singaporefoodlover,

I think they did ask but we were not told it's chargable. We just assumed that some restaurants will serve free bread before start of the meal.

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