Sep 20, 2010

Garden's Crispy Skin Yam Mooncake

During Mid Autumn season, my workplace is usually floaded with mooncakes given by bankers and vendors. We almost get to try all the mooncakes in Singapore from hotels to bakeries but usually are traditional white lotus with 2 yolks mooncakes. Personally I don't fancy mooncakes but everytimes there are new mooncakes in the pantry I will go in and take a peak. Most of the time I'm more impressed by their packaging than the mooncake!

Last weekend my colleague mentioned that the Teochew style Crispy Yam Mooncake from Garden is good and every year she will get a few boxes of it from them. So me too get some for my family to try.

Crispy Skin Yam Mooncake with 1 yolk (4 pcs @ $37, $10 per pc)

The pastry was very flaky and melt in the mouth. The yam paste was smooth and not overly sweet. Oh look at the yolk, nice oily colour.

Traditional Mixed Nuts & Seed (4 pcs @ $38, $10 per pc)

Bought 2 pcs of mixed nuts mooncakes for my Aunt Peggy. She liked it and said it's nice to munch on it.

Garden Pastry & Cake Shop
Blk 95 Aljunied Crescent
Singapore 380095
Tel: 6745 5706 / 6745 9310
Daily: 10am to 9.30pm

I will be going for a short getaway on Wednesday till next Monday so I wish all of you in advance and hopefully I can get internet access to blog...

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!


Jess @ Bakericious said...

Wen, me too, my office will flooded with mooncakes but this yr, mostly are snow skin, not only lotus paste, there are durian filling, mango pamelo filling, apple filling etc. Oh so much so I see liao also no mood to eat, overwhelming :P. This year no one send us cripsy skin yam mooncake leh, must ask my supplier to send me next yr hehehe...

Enjoy and have a safe trip.

Wen said...

Thanks Jess! Me and my colleagues are pestering some of our suppliers to send ice cream mooncakes like Hagen Daz! But till now still never rec'd any...

DG said...

I used to eat this crispy yam paste mooncake from Crown Hotel, now cannot find it anymore.
This year I also bought this from Garden too, the skin not to thick and the paste not too sweet.

Wen said...

Hi DG,

Great that nowadays most of the mooncakes are not too sweet catering to a more health conscious community.

My Little Space said...

You girls are so lucky! I've to make my own! hehe... The store bought ones are too big & too sweet for me. I prefer the smaller ones. Btw, thanks for stopping by my site earlier. Hope to hear from you more often. Have a great day.
Cheers, Kristy

Wen said...

Hi Kristy,

Thanks for dropping by too..

ice said...

hey wen, DG,

The ex-Crown Prince pastry chef is now at Peony Jade. I tried their Original Ex-Crown Prince Flaky Teochew "Oor Nee" Mooncake with Golden Japanese Pumpkin & it's still excellent! Should try next year.

Wen said...

Hi ice, thanks for the info...

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