Sep 20, 2010

Focaccia with cherry tomato confit, cheese & herbs

30 Aug 2010

I had attended quite a few bread making classes in the past but I'm not really very keen in making bread. Only recently I'm motivated to try making bread after attended Audrey Tan's breads workshop. I liked the focaccia bread that I had tasted at the class so much that I got myself into making one recently. The bread turn out well, it's tasty, soft, spongy & slightly chewy.

Simple Focaccia

Recipe adapted from Audrey Tan's bread workshop at Shermay's.


edith said...

I love this. Used to get this from a soup stall at the MRT station. My kids love it as well.

Wen said...

Hi edith,

I love this bread very much too. Used to buy it from Gardenia but the one I baked was not as soft more salty & chewy in texture.

Jess @ Bakericious said...

looks yummy.

Wen said...

Thanks Jess.

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