Oct 6, 2010

My Grocery Cart - Aug to Sep 2010

I love to shop at Marks & Spencer food section as there are always somethings that I like to try. Recently I tried some of their frozen products.

Spinach & Ricotta Cannellon

Made with fresh egg pasta filled with chopped baby spinach & ricotta served with tomato sauce, creamy bechamel & mozzarella cheese. Very creamy and heavy. A bit "jerlak" after awhile so quite impossible to finish all, preferably to be shared.

Cheese & Onion Slice

Flaky puff pastry filled with cheddar cheese, potatoes, onions in a creamy sauce. The filling again was too creamy for my palate and didn't taste cheesy but the puff pastry was really good, flaky and buttery.

All Butter Belgian Waffles

One of my colleague loves waffles biscuit so I bought one for her to try. She commented that it was not very nice, though it was quite buttery but she preferred a crispier texture.

Raspberry Viennese

One of my favourite biscuit from M&S. Whenever I was there, I will get a pack home. Wonderfully light and buttery Viennese biscuit sandwiched with vanilla cream and raspberry jam.

Salted Mini Pretzels

Never try any pretzel before and M&S has it in mini pack so bought one to try.

From local supermarket - NTUC

New! CP Fried Chicken (Original Flavour)

Another CP new product and one of the few that failed to impress. Like KFC fried chicken size but we didn't like the seasoning.

Tae Kae Noi

I'm not young already but young at heart...lol! Till now, I still pretty much like tibits but selectively. One of my favourite from the tibits section is Japanese Crispy Seaweed which I never fail to throw in a pack to my grocery cart on every grocery shopping trip.

Calbee - Jagabee String Purple Potato

I don't really like potato chips but I do like this crispy french fries. Another one of my all times favourite. Usually I will buy the original type but now they have purple potato. Taste similar to the original one.


Small Small Baker said...

I really like your posts on shopping for food. Under your influence, I started trying CP products and some are really good. Thanks and keep sharing ok. :)

Wen said...


Thanks for your encouragement!

ice said...

I love raspberry viennese! It's my favorite. I always buy a few packs whenever I go M&S. (:

Wen said...

Hi ice, haha one of my many favourites from M&S.

Miso said...

Didn't know there is so much goodies at M&S, will pay more attention to the food section the next time I am there! :) I love your blog too... got many good stuff to share with us. Thanks!

Wen said...

Hi Miso,

Oh M&S is a goodies heaven! Thanks for your compliment and is my pleasure to share my food tots!

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