Nov 7, 2010

Peony Jade - Hairy Crab Set Menu 1 for 1

5th Nov 2010

The Hairy Crab season is here again! I was goggling around for restaurants serving hairy crabs and chance upon Peony Jade located at Keppel Club. They are having Hairy Crab set meal 1 for 1 promotion for OCBC credit card member and Keppel Club member. 1 for 1 Promotion started from 12/10/2010 till 15/11/2010. The set menu looks quite interesting so my family decided to try it on Deepavali holiday. Every dish is created using hairy crab, from the the shell, crabmeat to the roe. There are 2 set of menus to choose from, Set A @ S$128++ and Set B @ S$158++ per pax.

Hairy Crab Menu A & B
* Steamed 'xiao long bao' with hairy crab golden roe accompanied with hand-peeled crabmeat roll with shredded radish

Both menus kicked off with this starter. The xiao long bao was a bit dry and salty where the crabmeat roll was quite a delight.

Hairy Crab Menu A - S$128++
* Double boiled supreme shark's fin soup with hairy crab and chinese herbs
* Stewed shrimp with hand-peeled hairy crabmeat and homemade beancurd
* Baked hairy crab shell stuffed with diced abalone, hand-peeled crabmeat and cheese
* Braised ee fu noodles with hand-peeled crabmeat

All were quite nice except for the baked hairy crab shell with cheese. The filling was not well baked and tasted too sweet for our liking.

Hairy Crab Menu B - S$158++
* Braised supreme shark's fin with hand-peeled hairy crabmeat, golden roe and egg white
* Wok tossed Shanghai nian gao with hairy crab in xo sauce
* Stewed bamboo pith and seasonal greens with braised hairy crab golden roe
* Ee fu noodles soup with shredded hairy crab meat and golden roe

We enjoyed most of the dishes in this set except for the shark fin was a bit too salty.

Hairy Crab Menu A & B
* Boiled hot ginger tea with glutinous rice dumpling

Both set served the same dessert. The dumpling was filled with black sesame paste and tasted ordinary. We didn't know how to appreciate the ginger tea, tasted very spicy and thick. Ginger tea was always served with hairy crab.

Overall we enjoyed the meal but if not for the 1 for 1 promotion, we don't think is worth paying so much. Restaurant ambience is good but service still can be improved.

Peony Jade
@ Keppel Club (M, Level)
Bukit Chermin Road, Keppel Club
Singapore 109918
Tel: 6276 9138

Opening hour:
Mon - Fri 11:00am to 2:30pm and 6:00pm to 10:30pm
Sat - Sun 10:30am to 2:30pm and 6:00pm to 11:00pm


Ian Low said...


its been a long time since i had hairy crab :)

Wen said...

Hi Ian,

Oh then you have to grab some before the season ends!

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