Nov 7, 2010

Phuket Day 6 - Flight delay for 6 hrs!

27th Sep 2010

When we arrived at the airport at 8am to check in, we were so disappointed that the flight will be delayed to 12.55pm. What are we going to do for 5 hours! My friends just don't wish to waste time sitting at the airport so we decided to rent a car for half a day! Hahaha... we were quite crazy right! We had a quick breakfast at BK and proceed to David Car Rental to make enquiry.

Free meal voucher by Tigerair for flight delay

Burger King at the airport was really yummy, taste better than in Singapore. The mini hash brown was very crispy and the breakfast sandwiches were very good too!

David Car Rental

We managed to persuade them to rent the car to us for THB800 for 4 hours which they usually don't rent for few hours. We were thinking since taking cab will cost as much too, why not we tried driving ourselves and enjoyed the experience on the road instead. After 5 full days in Phuket, we were quite familiar with the road already. We didn't go far just went to Tetsco Lotus and drop by the Premium Outlet again. By 12 noon, we returned the car safely and looked forward to board our flight at 12.55pm back to Singapore.

Light bite & Ice cream time!

To our horror, the flight was further delayed to 3.25pm when we waiting at the boarding lounge. They were giving excuses that the flight was grounded in Singapore for maintenance. We were really worried when they delayed the flight again! Were we able to go back? Anyway we had some sandwiches and ice cream while waiting.

Pedi & Manicure at Erawan

We really made full use of the time, since we still had 2 hours to go, we decided to go for express pedi & manicure at Erawan! A spa & foot massage centre located inside the lounge. To our relieve, at 3.10pm Tigerair finally flew in and our flight was finally departing at 3.25pm! Singapore we were coming home! Bye Phuket and thanks for all the wonderful memories you had given us!


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