Nov 7, 2010

Phuket Day 5 (III) - Patong Beach Nightlife

26th Sep 2010

Dinner was back to Sakorn Seafood and the food was still as enjoyable except the garouper fish texture was tough and rubbery. We tried the crab and crayfish too. After a satisfying dinner, we decided to explore Soi Bangla - Patong beach liveliest party zone!

Sakorn Seafood

Black pepper crab, Salt & pepper crayfish, Steamed red garouper fish and vegetables.

Bangla Road Nightlife in Patong Beach

Famous for it's raunchy nightlife and the street awaken when the sun set and the crowd increases as the moon rises.

Pole dancing girls pubs, a go-gos bar, restaurants, disco and shops are the main attractions of the street.

Bangla Road Map

The Port @ Banthai Beach Resort

Bangla nightlife didn't suit us. We went back to our resort's open air pub - The Port. There are live band entertainment every night and the singer is really good. This was our last night in Phuket and we will be leaving the next morning! We had a great 5 full days of joy and fun!


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