Dec 26, 2010

An Enjoyable X'mas Potluck

Had a Pre-X'mas celebration potluck lunch in office with fellow ladies colleagues on 22/12/10. Yes was only for ladies! We had lots of fun and extended our lunch hour to 2 hours (hehe... bosses not around!), chatting & feasting on the food each of us contributed and ended with a $20 gift exchange! As usual lots of leftover to tabao home.

Nachos contributed by me.

Pelican Pizza & BBQ Chicken Wings contributed by Cho, Khai, Yvonne, Ruzzel & Ella.

Assorted Cold Cut Ham contributed by Marilyn and Bean Stew by me.

Pouch Sandwiches contributed by Sandra.

Roasted Duck contributed by Michel & Thi Thi.

Kueh Pieti & Popiah contributed by Connie, Bridget & Sharon.

Popiah & Kueh Pieti from Whampoa. Very nice!

Fried Sotong Balls & Popcorn Chickens contributed by Angeline.

Potatoes Salad contributed by Wang Lin.

Chin Chow Longan Drink & Soft Drink contributed by Sandra & Marilyn.

Agar Agar, Jelly & Fruits Platter contributed by Joyce, Karen & Lini.

Tiramisu Jingle contributed by me!

Dress Code for the Potluck was Red and Green! Thanks all my colleagues for being so sporting and made the day for all of us!


Angie's Recipes said...

Delicious! I miss 薄饼....
Have a wonderful holiday season!

Jess @ Bakericious said...

wow so many delicious food, what a great meal!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wen,
Is so nice to hold a party like tis wif colleagues - I miss e old times work plc colleagues very much. I'v been follow ur blog & oso attend many Valerie's baking class. But i still don't know u leh,R u in e photo oso? Hope to share more recipe from u.


Wen said...

Hi Pinky70,

Wishing you a Happy New Year! Yes I'm in the picture. Or you can click on my Foodbuzz profile, there is a picture of me. Hope to meet up with you at the next Valerie's class.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wen,
Yeah i know u after seen ur profile, Sure will meet u at next Val class..
Wishing You A Happy New Year & enjoin wif more great food ~ ~

Pinky70 * ^

Dora Choo said...

I love the idea of the pouch sandwiches. How does the bread stick together?

wensdelight said...

Hi Dora,

You may refer to this:

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