Dec 31, 2010

Golden Curry Baked Rice

I love to keep some of this convenient pack of Japanese curry & CJ coooked rice at home. For days where Aunt not cooking and when the craving for it comes I can use it. To make a more sumptuous meal, I used the sauce to bake rice. This was an easy and delicious meal I prepared for myself on a weekday evening using all these convenient stuff. I enjoyed it very much! Cheesy and flavourful...

1. Place the CJ cooked rice into a bake dish
2. Spread out a pack of Golden Curry Sauce onto the rice
3. Microwave for 2 mins
4. Top with some cooked sausages/Fried CP chicken crispy
5. Sprinkle generously with pizza plus cheese
6. Bake at high heat till the cheese melted an turn golden brown
7. Drizzle some chilli sauce and serve it warm. Enjoy...


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