Dec 9, 2010

Teng Yu (鼎优) D24 Durian Pancake

14th Nov 2010

Best durian pancake in Singapore!?! A delightful snack and dessert!

Passed by the pancake shop after dinner at Su Korean Cuisine. Teng Yu also located at Far East Plaza. They sell porridge and chee cheong fun too. We were attracted by the signage so bought a piece to try. It was so good that we bought another piece to share even though we were already very full. A must try if you happen to pass by. It's such a delight!

D24 Durian Pancake - S$1.50

The pancake was very light and crispy on the outside and the filling was cool in the inside. Pure D24 durian flesh was used. Marvelous!

There are other flavours available too, chocolate, cheese and peanut but the durian is the most popular.

Teng Yu Durian Pancake
14 Scotts Road
Far East Plaza #01-16F
Singapore 228213
Opening hour: 10.30am - 11.00pm
Tel: 97653921


Jess @ Bakericious said...

Wendy, since you highly recommendation, I must go and try when I am there.

The Sweetylicious said...

omg! i tried it too! is super crispy! (: (: you must try their prawn chee cheong fun too (w/o char siew)!! is really nice (: (:

Wen said...

Jess, it's really very nice. Like eating durian coated with a crispy biscuit.

Wen said...

Hi Jasmine, Oh is it the chee cheong fun also good? haha... I'm going to try.

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