Dec 9, 2010

Su Korean Cuisine

14th Nov 2010

My family has gradually began to appreciate Korean cuisine after dining at a few rather outstanding Korean restaurants. I'm so glad because we don't have to limit our Sunday dinner to Chinese food only. At least now they are more adventurous, they will buy my suggestions. Recently I brought them to Su Korean Cuisine located at Far East Plaza for Korean BBQ. They have 2 other branches located at Boat Quay and Jurong. I got to know them through credit card promotion voucher I received from CIMB - 1 for 1 BBQ set. Did a quick check at HGW and was quite recommended so we decided to give it a try. With the voucher discount, it's a value for money dinner and total bill for 4 was about S$105. Quality and freshness are pretty good and service is very impressive too.

Banchan (8 complimentary side dishes)

Quite standard banchan was served mainly vegetables. More outstanding were the ikan bilis and garlic sprout.

BBQ Meat & Seafood Set - S$50.00++

With the 1 for 1 voucher, we had 2 sets of this which consist of chicken, pork collar meat, pork belly, beef ribs, squids, scallop, prawns, fish and assorted fresh mushroom. Per portion was quite big enough to serve 2-3 paxes.

The meat & seafood were very well seasoned and fresh. Lettuce salad basket was complimentary and no charges if you required extra serving. They will cook in the kitchen for you if you do not wish to BBQ at the table but we chose to do it ourselves.

Spicy Kimchi Soup - S$14.00++

Very spicy and thickly flavoured with Kimchi. Too overpowering that we are not used to it. My aunt actually prefer my version of kimchi soup. However portion was big, enough to serve 4.

Grilled Mackerel - S$16.00++

Quite standard fare. Nicely grilled and the fish was fresh.

Soursop Juice - S$6.50++ (Free flow)

Unbelievable that the fresh juices are refillable! This is really worth ordering and so refreshing after all the BBQ.

The restaurant also offer a variety of set meals which cater to big group dining. I took a glance and looks quite interesting. The set meal looks sumptuous and not very expensive too. Definitely will visit them again.

Su Korean Cuisine Pte Ltd
14 Scotts Road #01-21
Far East Plaza
Singapore 228213
Tel: 6235 0420
Opening Hours -
Mon to Fri: 11am - 3pm, 6pm - 10pm
Sat to Sun & PH: 11am – 10pm


The Sweetylicious said...

hi wen (: my sis and i love korean food! and we ate there before. is quite nice (: (: you can try th korean food at the food court located in concorde hotel. is yummy! (: (: enjoy more k food (:

Wen said...

Hi Jasmine, thanks for the recommendation. I love Korean food very much too.

Jess @ Bakericious said...

I love korean food especially korean bbq, this restaurant seem to serve quite good food.

Wen said...

Hi Jess, they serve nice Korean BBQ.

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