Jan 18, 2011

Orchid Thai Catering

30th Dec 2010

A company function - New Year Day Celebration dinner buffet was arranged at workplace. Caterer for the day was Orchid Thai Catering. This caterer specialised in halal certified Thai Fusion cuisine. Quality of food are quite authentic and nice. See the menu as follows and those highlighted in red were in my opinion executed pretty well and were also the signature dishes. However the portion were not very generous as we catered for 120 paxes but only about 100 paxes were eating and there were no leftover at all which was quite unusual.

Classic Thai Menu - S$16.80/pax

1. Tom Yum Seafood Soup

Spicy soup with the typical spicy flavour sealed in for a hot Thai experience.

2. Green Mango Salad
Tandy Salad with shredded mangoes, sliced onions, crispy fried shrimp in special Thai sauce.

3. Thai Spring Rolls
Thai roll deep fried and served with honey-chilli sauce.

4. Thai Otah
Minced fish mixed with kaffir lime leave and Thai chilli paste oven baked.

5. Fried Squid in Chilli Paste
Stir fried with chilli paste.

6. Green Chicken Curry
Thick Thai green curry cook with mini egg plants, sweet basil leaves & fresh coconut milk.

7. Fried Bean curd with 3 flavorsDeep fried bean curd with 3 kinds of sauces.

8. Mixed Vegetables
Califlower, cabbage, sweet peas, carrot and red/yellow capsicum stir fried.

9. Pineapple Rice
10. Olive Rice
Olive or Pineapple rice with minced chicken, garlic & shallot.

11. Mango Glutinous Rice
Pungent mango fruit mixed with thick coconut milk and glutinous rice.

12. Tapioca with Coconut Cream
Sweet Tapioca served in light coconut milk.

13. Lemongrass Juice

Orchid Thai Catering
1007 Aljunied Ave 4
Singapore 389908
Tel: 6742 7910 Fax: 6234 4649


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