May 5, 2011

Korean BBQ @ City Square

20 Mar 2011

A new Korean BBQ restaurant at City Square. Highly influenced by me, now my family love Korean food too. Whenever I mentioned there's newly opened Korean restaurant, they are usually very keen to try. So we went to check out this new joint on our regular Sunday dinner outing.  

The restaurant served Ala Carte Buffet too but we decided to just order from the menu. Most young diners will opt for the buffet.  I find it quite value for money if you are meat lover! Overall the food was just average and not very impressive but to compare with Seoul Garden and Crystal Jade Korean BBQ, this is a better choice for Korean BBQ buffet as the food is more authentic.       

Banchan (8 side dishes)

Pretty ordinary, nothing stand out!

Mushroom Pork Bulgogi - (S) $20.90++, (L) $37.90++

We ordered the Large size but portion was not a lot... mushroom was very little too as compared to what was shown in the menu.

The pork seasoning was surprisingly light, was only nice if you dip it with the Korean chilli paste.   

Spicy Marinated Chicken BBQ - $15.90++

This was good! Nicely grilled, tender and full of flavor!

Pork Bibimbab - $10.90++

I'm very surprised that the bibimbab was not served in hot stone bowl but plastic bowl! And the rice was served separately! Is this what you call bibimbab? More like a 'pan fun' to me!

Though the taste was alright but it was not served piping hot, just luked warm.  

Bean Paste Soup - (S) $11.90++, (L) $23.90++

This is no good too and overprice! Pay twenty over bucks for a pot of vegetables soup (mainly zucchini) with a few clams and tofu. The soup lack richness and spiciness. I definitely can cook a better one than them.

Not a satisfying dining experience in terms of food but service is good! Maybe we did not order the right items, probably the next time I will come back for the buffet.

Korean BBQ
180 Kitchener Road
#02-21/22 City Square Mall
Tel: 6509 9644
Daily: 11am –11pm


Sparkler4575 said...

Actually those bibimbaps in stone bowls are called dolsot bibimbap (stone pot bibimbap). The bibimbap served is the kind which Koreans usually eat 

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