Sep 12, 2011

Shanghai Mooncakes

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to all!

Shanghai mooncake or Walnut mooncake is a great alternative to traditional and snowskin mooncake. Buttery and crumbly pastry that complimented the lotus paste with melon seeds so well and the sweetness is just right. This is much easier to make too. That's why I chose! I always love simple recipe! Last month I was so tied up with every things that I did not submit any bake to Aspiring Bakers. I'm glad I am able to make it this month.

This recipe was kept in my file for more than 5 years. I remembered was from one of the Onepa class I attended but couldn't remember who's the instructor. Anyway here's the recipe...

Shanghai Mooncakes (Approx 16-18pcs)
Ingredients for Pastry:
500g Top flour
270g Icing sugar
40g Milk powder
20g Custard powder
1 tsp Sodium bicarbonate
1 tsp Baking powder
1 tsp Emplex

180g Melted butter (cool it before use)
70ml Milk
1 Egg
1 tsp Vanilla extract

1 Egg (remove 1/2 white) for egg wash
Some walnuts & macadamia nuts

1kg White lotus paste
8 Salted egg yolk (coated with 1 tbsp sesame oil & bake at 170C for 5-7mins, halved it)
60g Melon seeds (toast at 150C for 15mins)

1. Sieve (A) and place it in the mixing bowl.
2. Mix (B) together and pour it into the flour mixture. With K-beater using low speed to mix into a dough. Then covered and chilled in the fridge for 30 mins.
3. Knead toasted melon seeds into the lotus paste, divide the paste into 70g each and wrap with 1/2 yolk.
4. Cut the dough into 60g each. Flatten the dough and wrap with lotus paste. Top with nuts.
5. Place on  a lined tray and egg wash.
6. Bake in preheated oven at 180C for 20-25 mins.  

Hope everyone have enjoyed this day having fun with lanterns and enjoying lots of mooncakes! 


Alice said...

many bloggers baked this moonies - i have to try this
thks for sharing and Happy Mid Autumn Festival to u :)

Prispoh7 said...

Hi Wen

I m interested to try out ur recipe for the Shanghai mooncakes.  Cud u kindly let me know what is Emplex.  Can I use ammonia in place since I do not want to buy Emplex just to use it one time for this mooncake.

Priscilla Poh

wensdelight said...

Thanks Alice! Happy mid autumn festival to u and your family too!

wensdelight said...

HI Priscilla,

Sorry I'm not very sure. I did a check... emplex is to make the pastry crispy and strengthen the dough whereas ammonia is more like a leavening agent similar to baking powder.

Maybe you can try using ammonia but omit the emplex and baking powder in the recipe,

Happy baking!

Prispoh7 said...

Thnx Wen for ur response. 

Will omit baking powder and add ammonia in place of emplex when I use ur recipe.  I find ur Shanghai mooncakes recipe used less oil which is healthier.

Christina Poh said...

Thanks Wendy for sharing this recipe I had tried baking this last weekend using the recipe Ejoe's posted.  But find yours slightly different fm hers.  Will gv it a try since I managed to get the less sugar lotus paste from Kwong Cheong Thye.  Where can I get the emplex? Can I get it even after the festive seasons?  Cheers!
Christina Poh

wensdelight said...

Yes, you can get it from Phoon Huat. Happy baking!

Prispoh7 said...

Hi Wen

One more question, the walnut mooncakes found in Baking Mum used shortening which is supposed to give the skin a crumbly and flasky bite.  Since ur recipe did not call for shortening, and as I told u earlier that I shall replace emplex with ammonia, do u think the skin will still turn our flasky?

Priscilla Poh

wensdelight said...

Hi Priscilla,

I never try Baking Mum's version so not very sure. From Tested and Tasted, even she omitted the ammonia, it still turn out well. My version is more like short crust pastry just crumbly but not flaky. Happy baking!

muimui Lee said...

That was really cool! The mooncake was shaped nicely and packing was so lovely. The step was cleary shown also. Poor me my shanghai mooncake erupted like volcano.

wensdelight said...

Thanks Muimui!

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