Oct 23, 2011

Chowon Garden Korean Restaurant

Korean food again! No choice because the birthday girl wanted it...! It's my cousin birthday and we celebrated with her at Chowon Garden. A  Korean restaurant near Maxwell House that serves rather authentic Korean cuisine. Though the food is not bad but the service sucks... my family was rather pissed off by them so I think there won't be a revisit.

Banchan (complimentary)

All are quite nice except for the fish cakes, is that Korean's...lol!

Daeji-Kalbi (Pork ribs) - $22++/set
Deung-Sim (Sirloin steak) - $30++/set
Lettuce - $4++/set

Just find it weird why do we have to pay for the lettuce. Pork ribs were nice but the beef was too much fat.

Kimchi Chigae - $13++

Very sharp tasting and spicy. Not everyone of us can accept.

Fried Oyster - $12++

This was very nice, the eggy batter lightly coated the oyster. Yum!

Osam Bulgogi - $22++

Shoulder pork and squid stir fry with hot bean paste. Good with rice.

Godeungeo Gui (Grill Mackerel) - $18++ 

Nicely grilled.

Kimbab - $9++

Haha... I can make a better one.

Bibimbab - $15++

Can someone recommend me where to find good bibimbab? This was forgetable!  

Chowon Garden Korean Restaurant
2 Peck Seah Street
#01-01 Air View Building
Singapore 079305
Tel: 6225 1317

Daily Opening Hours:
11.30am - 2.30pm, 5.30pm - 10pm

Visited on 21/7/11


Dzoli said...

Sorry taht you had bad service there.It is frustrating especially when you invite people to celebrate something(experience speaking).Everyone is waiting for their food forever..depending on the age of the kids some start to eb bored and rstless some cry some demand:(
Food doesn.t look bad though.Hope you have enjoyed each others company;)

wensdelight said...

totally agree with you, Dzoli!

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