Oct 5, 2011

Korea/Jeju Trip @ May 2011 - Day 8

Day 8 - 24 May 2011

Our last day in Seoul... nothing much was done. Just did some last minutes shopping for local products. Had a sumptuous lunch and transfer to the airport for our flight home!   

Checking out early in the morning... goodbye Lotte Hotel World! We enjoyed our stay in the Character room the last 2 nights. Next we proceed to The War Memorial of Korea for breakfast. 

Annex Restaurant @ The War Memorial of Korea

Buffet breakfast. Been eating this for so many days... I think I miss our local breakfast...carrot cake, fishball noodles, roti prata, chwee kueh, kopi o...lol!

Royal Court a Wedding

There are around 110 pieces of large military equipment/symbols are on display. Quite impressive!

Every tour package will include a trip to Amethyst factory in the itinerary. I bought some hp chains, these are probably the cheapest and the most affordable items in the shop. Great for gift at USD10 each.

Capture these around the Amethyst factory...

A shabu shabu and sushi buffet for lunch.

A very good spread of food.

We had a good and sumptuous lunch!

Local products mart

Before going to the airport, we did some last minute shopping here. This is the place where you can buy instant noodles, Korean snacks, souvenirs etc. The shop will pack nicely in boxes for us to check in.

Our Korean Tour Guide - Ken Pi
(James Top Travel @ Tel: 82273480880)

Let me introduce our tour guide... Ken Pi! Very interesting guy, thanks for the past 8 days of care and jokes! Really enjoyed all your story telling about the Korean culture, plastic surgery and many more. With a capable tour guide, really make a tour more interesting!

Annyonghi kaseyo (goodbye) Korea! Definitely going to miss you and will plan to come back again!

Meal on board @ Asiana Airline

Our dinner on board... Chicken & rice and Bibimbap.

Stay tune for updates on my short getaway trip to Bali - Ubud in August 2011...!


Heartybakes said...

Hi Wen, have been following up with your sharing for your Korea trip. I have never been to Korea, your sharing on their culture, food, attractions really gets me excited catching up your posting and of cos, temptation to go :)
Thanks for your sharing. It has been fun reading the posts.

Small Small Baker said...

Nice trip and photos. I really enjoy every post, esp the charactor room, so cute!

Dzoli said...

You probably will be home by now.Have througly(including this post) enjoyed travelling through Korea with you;))

Jiayingz1988 said...


May I know roughly how much Sgd/USD is needed in korea (personally).
As i will be going on the same trip this coming june but i am not sure how much to bring over.

Will really appreciate if you are able to advice on this =)

wensdelight said...

I'm travelling on group tour so 90% of the meals were included. I remember I brought around 500 sgd which was just nice for shopping of souvenirs & local snacks/products and also to pay tips to the tour guide. Haha... if you plan to buy ginseng products, clothing and cosmetics, then that won't be enough so bring at least one credit card along. Hope you enjoy your trip!

Jiayingz1988 said...

Thank you for the sharing! it's really appreciated. =D Hopefully i got a tour guide as good as yours. saw some other blogs going on the same trip, it seemed that the tour guide really affect everything! =X

Thanks for the wonderful sharing on your blog =D

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