Oct 8, 2011

Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh (黄亚细肉骨茶)

1st July 2011

A friday night dinner with family at Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh. This is probably one of the oldest BKT joint in Singapore located at the end of Rangoon Road near CTE exit. Read a lot of negative reviews about them after they went under Jumbo management. However I still find the BKT is of the best in Singapore and has lived up to my expectation.  

The BKT version here should be Hokkien style as the soup is dark in colour where the Teochew style is light and clear soup.

Signature's Spare Ribs Soup - S$7.50

For BKT, we always love to have spare ribs instead of pork ribs. For their Signature's Spare Ribs Soup, you get 2 big pieces of succulent and tender spare ribs. The soup is very rich and flavourful without being too peppery. Soup is refillable and they are quite prompt in refilling it for you.  

Blanched Pig Liver - S$5.50 / Braised Pig Intestines - S$5.50 / Preserved Vegetables - S$2.00

Some of the side dishes to go with. The livers were nicely blanched with the right wellness and the braised intestine was not bad too. However the preserved vegetables were quite disappointing, very oily and under stewed. 

Baby Cabbage - S$4.00

A plate of crunchy green vegetables, always good to include in any meal.

End the meal with some Gongfu tea to clear the palate and aid digestion ...

208 Rangoon Road
Hong Building
Singapore 218453
Tel: 6291 4537
Operating Hours:
Tuesday to Sundays: 7am – 10pm
(Closed on Mon)


Dzoli said...

Seems like a great palce with interesting dishes.Main thing family was around;)

wensdelight said...

Oh...food always taste even better with love ones around!

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