Oct 10, 2011

Unique Seafood Market @ Ah Yat Seafood

3rd July 2011

It's my younger brother birthday and he is a seafood lover so we decided to go to Unique Seafood Market for a seafood feast. Reasonably priced live seafood with all year round promotion, 50% off on weekdays (except PH & Eve) and 40% off on weekends. Plus free cooking and preparation of live seafood by the Unique Seafood Market restaurants. 

How to order? First, choose between Ah Yat (Hong Kong style cuisine) or Owen (Local style cuisine) and get a table number. Then proceed to Unique Seafood Market which is located right outside both restaurants to browse through the numerous seafood tanks to have your pick. All the seafood you have chosen will be weighed and placed into a basket tagged with table number to be sent to the restaurant. Then at the restaurant, the service crew will check with you, how you want your seafood to be cooked or prepared. We love the cooking style at Ah Yat so we always will go there plus they always give complimentary dessert.  

Ah Yat Seafood

Geoduck Clam Sashimi

Fresh Oyster

Baked Oyster with Cheese

Steamed Bamboo Clam with Garlic Soya Sauce

Steamed Sea White Prawn

Steamed Pa Tin Fish in Spicy Sauce

Baked Crab in Superior Soup 

Pepper & Salt Sea Mantis Prawn

Mango Clam in Spicy Sauce

Additional orders from the Ah Yat menu:
Hong Kong Kai Lan

Peking Duck

Stewed Noodles with Scallop, Meat & Mushroom

Complimentary dessert

Fruit Platter

Total bill for the 7 of us after discount came up to S$428.42. Not exactly cheap but definitely value for money with the freshness and quality. Yummy!

200 Turf Club Rd #03-01/02
Main Grandstand Turf City
Singapore 287994
Tel: 68832112
Opening Hours :
Lunch: 11am - 2.30pm
Dinner: 5.30pm - 10.30pm


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