Feb 25, 2012

Best of Honshu - Japan Trip Day 3 Part I (19th Sep 2009)

I have been so inactive here recently. Am sorry! As usual very busy at work especially this time of the year and just didn't have the energy to do updates. My backlogs are horribly getting longer and longer...omg! Don't be mistaken that I just came back from Japan...lol! This is my longest outstanding backlogs...! This trip was done in 2009, updated it halfway back then and this is my 2012 resolution to finish sharing this wonderful trip to make my travelogue complete. I have taken a few short trips last year too... Bali, Hanoi, Malacca, Krabi, Bangkok, Penang ... and hopefully will get it all up before the year end again...lol! Stay tune!


We had a good night rest in Prince Hotel, Tokyo. Tokyo Tower is right in front of our room! Beautiful view! Breakfast served in the hotel was very sumptuous too.

Prince Hotel, Tokyo

The cafe ambience is very cosy and English! Spread was good too...

We had a good breakfast! Everything were yummy and very fresh!

Shinjuku City

Shinjuku - Japan's largest and wildest red light district! But we were brought here by our tourguide in broad day light ... ! See what? ...lol!

Located in Asakusa, one of Tokyo's districts. A large entrance gate (Kaminari Gate) welcome us into Nakamise shopping street. This is also the outer gate of the famous and main attraction of Asakusa, Sensoji Temple.  

Approximately 250m long with more than 50 shops selling a variety of traditional, local snacks and tourist souvenirs for centuries.

Tried some of the snacks and of course bought some home too.

This pet shop attracted me the most! Lots of dogs breed stuff toys collectibles!

Tempura set lunch

A simple tempura lunch set in one of the restaurant near Nakamise. We had tempura almost everyday till we couldn't stop complaining to the tourguide...lol!

Some views outside the restaurant. Market place, roadside stall, rickshaw ... after lunch we proceed to Sensoji Temple, at the end of Nakamise Shopping Street.  

One of Tokyo's most popular Buddhist Temple - Sensoji (浅草寺, Sensoji, also known as Asakusa Kannon Temple).

Road side stalls outside the temple... I didn't go in so get to roam around while waiting for the rest.

Next, we were going to take a cruise... stay tune for Day 3 Part II.

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Simple Person said...

I always luv Japan so much...
Thei food n culture... Really amazing...

Surin Beach Hotel said...

Woww!!! nice trip. If you can’t decide for your next trip…Phuket is the best choice for you!!

Elena said...

Love the photos! You had such a great trip. I never visited Japan.

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