Jul 28, 2012

Ayam Tulang Lunak Malioboro Restaurant @ Kuta Bali

Day 1 (Part 2) - 25th Aug 2011

Since it was our first meal in Bali, we wanted some real good and authentic Indonesian food so our local driver brought us to this restaurant in Kuta for lunch. This restaurant is quite popular among the tourists and they specialised in Ayam Tulang Lunak. What's that? Is actually fried chicken using pressurized cooking method, deep fried till very crispy and tender even the bone can be eaten. The restaurant is air-conditioned and clean with simple interior setting. 

Ayam Presto Telur Asin - Rp128,000

Fried chicken with salted egg sauce. Anything with salted egg is usually yummy even though is sinful...lol!

Ayam Presto Goreng Crsipy - Rp96,000 

Fried Crispy Chicken without any sauce. It was so thoroughly deep fried that even the bone and feet can be eaten like cracker! High dose of calcium...lol!

Tahu Telor - Rp31,000 

Beancurd omelette topped with sweet peanut sauce and blanched cabbage. Simple dish but not my cup of tea as I find it too sweet. However, my friends enjoyed it. 

Sambal Goreng Teri - Rp24,000

Crispy ikan bilis with sambal. Very spicy but we love it! Shiok!

Plecing Kangkung - Rp18,000


Blanched kangkong top with fresh sambal belachan. The chillies are seriously very spicy, if you can't take spicy food, do not order the sambal dishes. 

Nasi Putih - Rp8,000 per serving

Yes with all the yummy spicy dishes, of course we need some rice to go with it. Our first taste of Indo rice, should be from their paddy field, the textures are slightly more sticky than the usual Thai fragrant rice that we usually have in Singapore. 

Fresh Orange/Watermelon Juice - Rp24,000 each

Oh no... they added sugar syrup in the fresh juices. 

Total bill for 4 came up to Rp460,000 (approx SGD60) was rather reasonable though not really cheap.  

Ayam Tulang Lunak Malioboro
Jl Kediri No 50 I-J Tuban
Kuta-Bali, Indonesia
Tel: (0361) 759 192

Next post coming up .. Day 1 (Part 3) Anahata Villas & Spa Resort


Livia said...

Makanannya enak,tp pegawai2nya pada g ada sopan santun smua...telpon buat pesen tempat jg gtu,ngomongnya g sopan gak ada kata maaf & bentak2!!

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