Aug 7, 2012

Ubud Traditional and Art Market

Day 2 (Part 3) - 26th Aug 2011

Our first destination of the day was to Ubud market. Located right in the center of Ubud town. The place was crowded with shops and stalls selling souvenirs, apparels, art and crafts, fresh produces, herds and spices, groceries and flowers. The lists can go and! Is an interesting place not to be missed if you visit Ubud. A shopping heaven not only to the Balinese but also to the tourists. 

Ubud market place is divided into 2 sections - Ubud Traditional and Art Market. Ubud Art Market opens from 8am to 6pm whereas the Ubud Traditional Market starts as early as 4am in the morning. 

Ubud Art Market

Art and crafts

Hand made plates and this is quite expensive


Textiles and rattan accessories

Apparels, accessories and paintings

Ubud Traditional Market

Selling fresh produces

The inner side of the market is very run down with dim lightings

Balinese style sausages? It may be their delicacies...

Baskets of cooked fishes for sales

Large baskets of chillies, shallot, garlics, coconut sugar....

Fresh fruits

Fresh flower for offerings

Our driver told us the balinese will place these small baskets of flower in front of their houses or business places, 2 times a day as a offering to their God and believes this will chase away evil spirits.  

Bags of vanilla pods, salfron and peppercorns for sales

Herbs and spices 

End of our market tour 

Gelato Secrets - There is a homemade italian ice cream parlor near the market which is hard to be missed. Of course we tried some and the flavours are quite interesting. Specials of the day are Tomato basil, Beetroot chocchips & pumpkin hazelnut gelato.

Ubud town - There are many interesting shops in the town area near the marketplace. 

Stay tune for the next post coming up... Famous Babi Guling lunch at Ibu Oka, Ubud


Anna Joseph said...

The Ubud market is a shopper's paradise especially for someone who loves art. On my last visit to Bali, I picked up jewellery, woodcarvings, textiles, paintings and baskets from the local villages.

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