Dec 10, 2012

Simple lunch - Smoked duck and Egg Sandwich

I love sandwiches of any types! I can eat them any time of the day as a meal or as snack! Especially on weekends, I love to make sandwiches for a simple lunch. 

Smoke duck, cucumber and egg mayo with Walnut bread!

I like the walnut wholemeal bread from Sunshine! Every bite you tasted bits of walnut. Good with peanut butter too! As for the smoked duck breast, you can get it from supermarket. I always keep a box in my freezer. Love it as salad topping too! 

The filling for this sandwich is pretty easy to fix up, mixed chopped smoked duck, hard boiled egg and cucumber together with Japanese mayonnaise and a touch of black pepper! Spread it on buttered toasted walnut bread! Done!

A complete meal ... Simple and satisfying! 


Joyce said...

Hi Wendy, may I know which supermarket did u buy the smoked duck from?


wensdelight said...

Hi Joyce,

I got it from NTUC but recently I didn't see it. You can try Seng Siong too.

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