Oct 20, 2008

Going home for dinners - Oct 08

Last year, my aunt (a retiree) came to stay with us, since then we have been blessed with home cooked meals.

She cooks very well as she used to be a cooking instructor and we always look forward to go home for dinner. She is a very orientated person so she always maintain her cooking standards by recording her recipes.

Most of her food are tasty & not oily as she always prepared stock for her cooking. She will pack & freeze her stock into different portion for daily usage.

Here are some of my dinners in Oct 08...

1st Oct 2008
Fishhead Steamboat (One of my aunt best dish & our favourite too!)

2nd Oct 2008
Stir-fried mix veg & Sambal stingray

3rd Oct 2008
Broccoli & red pepper w/dried scallop & Garlic honey pork ribs

6th Oct 2008
Stir-fried caixin & Steam golden promfet w/salted veg

14th Oct 2008
Stir-fried chinese cabbage w/celery & carrot and Fried Tilapia w/spicy bean sauce

15th Oct 2008
Stir-fried bittergourd & Miso ginger chicken


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