Dec 26, 2008

All Time Favourite Tibit - Keropok!

Keropok is my family & friends all time favourite tibits. As my grandma was from Terengganu where Keropok was rather famous so since young my favourite snack was Keropok. We prefer the fish and melinjo(belinjo/bitternut) nut crackers.

My aunt knew we love it very much so she will always fry for us. She will replenish the container once a week for us. Whenever my uncle or bro come over, they will have some to bring back too. Home-fried are fresh and not oily. We used Knife Brand peanut oil and after frying still baked it in the oven for few mins to drain out excess oil.

On Christmas day, they came over for dinner so my aunt fried a lot for them to bring back. 2 of my friends came over too and they jokingly said that was their door gift for X'mas dinner.

Fish Keropok (Fish Cracker)

Belinjo Nut Keropok (Bitternut Cracker)


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