Dec 27, 2008

My First Home Roasted Christmas Turkey

My first home roasted turkey on Christmas Day this year. We were having a family dinner at home on Christmas Day. I prepared a Traditional Roasted Turkey for them. Recipe from Chef Yong's X'mas workshop.

We always thought Turkey meat was very hard and dry but actually not so. I think home roasted turkey taste better than roast chicken. It's tender and juicy. All of them were rather impressed by the tastiness. Thank you Chef Yong for your wonderful recipe.

I was so amused by it and didn't really take any nice picture of the turkey. Here's some of the photos:

Christmas Roast Turkey

Mushroom Stuffing

I bought the smallest size turkey (about 8-10 pound) and it can serve up to 15 people. So we still have some leftover which I plan to use it for my sandwiches.


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