Dec 23, 2008

Foo Lum Fishport Seafood Steamboat

My last Sunday (21/12/08) dinner was Hongkong style steamboat at Foo Lum situated at the corner of Aliwal Street. This eatery used to be very crowded when it's just opened but now was rather quiet even during dinner time. According my aunt due to change of management and chef, maybe standard was not as good.

I think so too but still their steamboat is still one of the best Hongkong Style Steamboat in S'pore. Our bill came up to $132.00 for a steamboat dinner for 5 but no GST. They have 14 types of soup base to choose from, price ranging from $6.00 to $28.00. We had Papaya & Corn Fish Soup @ $8.00.

Our selections:
We started off with some side dishes:

Fried Crispy Pork Intestine (S$8.00) & Fried Fish Skin w/Dipping Soup (S$6.00)

Soup Base - Papaya & Sweet Corn Fish Soup (S$8.00) & Cuttlefish Glue (S$10.00) - the white balls in the soup.

Huatiao Chicken (S$12.00) & Live Prawn (S$12.00)

Fresh Pork Liver (S$6.00) & Homemade Pork Balls (S$6.00)

Garupa Fish (S$15.00), Nai Bai (S$6.00) & Radish (S$4.00)

Foo Lum Fishport Seafood Steamboat
14 Aliwal Street
Tel: 67452632
Daily: 5.30pm - 3.30am


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