Dec 27, 2008

Heng Gi Goose And Duck Rice

This is our favourite braised duck stall. Very authentic and the 'Lor' sauce was so good. They used to be at Hill street hawker centre. My ex-boss always brought us there for lunch. That was almost 10 years ago and few years ago they had shifted to Tekka Market (presently at the temporary market at Racecourse Road due to upgrading work at Tekka). They still maintain their food standard.

Their braised duck is very different from the rest, their sauce is not the usual starchy type and is real authentic. Their chilli is vinegar based with garlic and it's quite appetizing to dip it with the duck. We always order the duck liver, gizzard, dry beancurb & eggs to go with the duck. Their prices are rather reasonable. Half duck is around S$18-S$20. They start selling at 11am and usually by 2-3pm all their ducks will be sold out.

We have not been there since they shifted to the temporary market. This afternoon we went there for lunch and at the same time checkout where's their new location in the temporary market.

Heng Gi Goose And Duck Rice
665 Buffalo Road
#01-406 Tekka Centre
Tel: 6396 0969
(Cloased on Mon & Tue)

Presently is at Tekka Temporary Market
Along Racecource Road behind Tekka Market
Unit No - #01-154.


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