Dec 28, 2008

My Leftover Turkey

What did I do to my leftover turkey? Oh for the past few day I'm been using it to prepare my breakfast, lunch & dinner. These were what I did...

My breakfast on friday - Turkey Sandwiches

Simple country loaf toast with Turkey (shredded & mix w/mayo, mustard & black pepper), lettuce & tomatoes. Simple & delicious.

My dinner on Saturday - Turkey Wrap w/Pan-fried stuffing & salad
Tortilla wrap with shredded Turkey, omelette, cumcuber, tomatoes & lettuce. Pan-fried balance stuffing and some green salad to go with. It's look good right? Yes it's taste even better!
My lunch today - Turkey Porridge

Finally today, we finished off all the turkey in this pot of porridge. Aunt used all the turkey bone & wings to boil the porridge and season with salt & vetsin. When it's cooked, remove the bone & stir in shredded turkey. The porridge was so sweet & rich. Very nice!


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