Dec 29, 2008

Durian Swiss Rolls

Recipe from Valarie Kong's Workshop, I tried making it yesterday. It's turn out very well. Yummy! I will try out the creampuff when I'm free next week.


euniceoen said...

Hello Wen,
can you invite me to read your blog? as i really love to read your blog and your baking recipe.

thank you
My email address is

Wen said...

Hi Eunice,

I nvr locked my blog. Anybody can access. Are you referring to the recipe index? You can still find it through my blog label. Anyway I aready open it. I locked it because I was still constructing the page. Thanks for your interest and support. Happy blogging!

wensdelight said...

This is a workshop recipe by Valarie that cannot be circulated. So sorry to disappoint you.

Yulan said...

hi mind sharing the recipe of this durian swiss roll? u can email to
. thanks a lot!

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