Dec 15, 2008

Durian Swissroll & Creampuff Workshop By Valarie Kong

Sunday afternoon, I was at Tampines SAFRA attending Valarie Kong - Durian Swissroll & Creampuff Workshop. I attended her carrot cake workshop at PA before and since then I was on her mailing list where I will get updates on her classes. This was my 2nd time attending her workshop, well she is very detailed and highlighted all the important points to take note of when doing the swissroll & puffs.

What impressed me of her teaching was, she proved to me that even you do not have a Kenwood or kitchenaid or a conventional oven, you can still do wonder with only a handheld cake mixer and a table top oven.

Well, she let us have some hand on too, like scooping the puff, rolling the cake and filling the durian into the puff. Overall was a delightful experience and my goodness the puff & swissroll were unbelievably good!

Photos from the workshop:


wensdelight said...

Should be 2 layers only...

Belle said...

hi, im interested in attending valerie class. can i check with you, the durian class, the durian cream cake is how many layer? thanks!

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