Dec 14, 2008

X'mas Epicurean Gourmet Workshop Menu 3

My last X'mas workshop with Chef Yong on Sat afternoon at Cairhill CC. Well most of the workshops I had attended so far, I like most of his recipes except for this workshop. The baba ghanoush toast & osso bucco pork ribs doesn't suit my tastebud. The bestwinner fot this workshop is the Molten Lava Chocolate cake. Thumb up for this, very very yummy!!! So it still worth it after all...

Here's my sampling for that day:

Baba Ghanoush on Toast w/Fresh Prawns

This a popular or rather common middle eastern appetizer. It's a mixture of blended roast eggplant, olive oil & Tahini (sesame paste).

Osso Bucco Pork Ribs

It's a Italian dish - a traditional stew using veal shank but Chef uses Pork ribs to cater to asians. Pork ribs stewed with white wine, tomotoes, carrots & some fresh herbs.

Molten Lava Chocolate Cake w/Vanilla Ice Cream

A almost flourless warm choc cake serve w/ice cream. If it's done successfully, it should have smooth flowing choc oushing out... This is heavenly!!!!

Photos extracted from Chef Yong's Blog: Cook With Passion, a proper presentation of the above:


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