Dec 29, 2008

Two Chef's Eating Place

Last night dinner was at this Zi Char place where Strait Times and quite a few food bloggers been talking about - Two Chef's Eating Place.

It was rather crowded during dinnertime last night but the serving was fast and the price was reasonable. We ordered all the popular and chef recommendation dishes. Here's our order:

Butter Pork Ribs (S$12.00)

Assam Seafood Claypot (S$12.00)

Cold Cockles (S$6.00)

Golden Mushroom Tofu (S$10.00)

Three Eggs Spinach (S$8.00)

My favourite of the above - Butter pork ribs but eat too much a bit ill effect and the cold cockles, very appetizing! The Three Eggs Spinach was not bad but the spinach was overcooked. The tofu a bit too sweet, I would prefer it to be more savoury. Assam seafood was quite spicy and sour, not many can accept the strong spices.

Two Chef's Eating Place
Blk 116 Commonwealth Crescent
Tel: 6472 5361
Opening hour:
5pm to 11.30pm (Mon)
11.45am to 2.30pm
and 5pm to 11.00pm (Tues to Sunday)


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