Dec 6, 2008

X'mas Roast Turkey Workshop Menu 1

Roast a turkey at home! You must be kidding? Haha... This will be my reaction before I attended Chef Yong Roast Turkey workshop this afternoon at Cairhill CC.

After today's session, I think I will never order a turkey from Coldstorage or any supermarkets or caterers anymore. Chef Yong had taught us to do it so effortlessly and home-roast turkey, you can be sure it will be fresh and juicy. The mushroom stuffing was fantastic too... Yummy!

Here's some of the pictures taken in today session:

Roast Turkey & Mushroom Stuffing serve with Roasted Veg & Rosemary Garlic Potatoes

Another serving suggestion for the Stuffing:

The above were plated from the dishes as shown in the following:

Traditional Christmas Roast Turkey

Mushroom Stuffing

Rosemary and Garlic Potatoes

Orange and Cranberry Marmalade


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