Dec 6, 2008

Singapore Laksa (Prima Ready-to-cook meal kit)

With so many ready to use paste and premix available in the supermarkets, even you don't know how to cook also can cook up quite a decent meal using all these easy to use paste. One of my favourite ready mix is Laksa from Prima Taste. Easy to cook and taste fantastic even my aunt who is a gourmet also give a thumb up for this when I cooked for her today.

Laksa, one of Singapore favourite local delight.

The ready-to-cook meal kit include the laksa paste, coconut powder, sambal chilli & dried laksa leave. All you need is to add all the fresh stuff like rice vermicelli, beansprout, fried beancurd, fish cake, cockles & prawns or any other ingredients you like.
For us, I omit the fishcake and fried beancurd as my aunt don't like it. I used steam chicken, prawn & hardboiled egg. See pictures below:


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