Feb 4, 2009

Crunchy Cornflakes w /Chopped Cashew Nut Cookies

My colleague just came from Indonesia and brought me a tub of her mum home-made cookies. Very buttery, crunchy & addictive cookies. Simply just can't stop at one pc. It's a interesting combination of cornflakes & cashew nut with chewy raisin & cherries as topping. Yummy...

Last year when she went back she gave me cheese cookies also very yummy. Never tasted something so cheesy before. I'm been trying to ask her to get recipe from her mum. So hopefully I can get hold of these delicious cookies recipes. Thanks Lily!


Anonymous said...

I interested the workshop that u have attend.But I can't find where is .Please advise how I going to know the workshop start.

Tks a lot


Wen said...

Hi Lilian,

Glad to know that u r also interested in attending those workshops.

You can log in to PA website:
Then you select under sub-category for Culinary Art. You will be able to see a list of current workshop available for registration.

Or you can email to the following request for their class schedule updates:
Chef Yong: coolchef@gmail.com
Valarie Kong: valbakes@yahoo.com.sg
They will include you in their mailing list and send updates to you monthly.


Anonymous said...

Tks a lot were try it


Josephine Kiang said...

Dear Wen,  Would be good if you can post the receipe for the crunchy cornflakes w chopped cahew nut cookies. Appreciate!! Look very delicious and yet to try it! 

wensdelight said...

I wish too but didn't manage to get the recipe from my ex-colleague's mum. Sorry!

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