Feb 5, 2009

Ichiban Boshi

Last night, I gave my family a CNY dinner treat at Ichiban Boshi. Well the food was just average and I think I still prefer Sushi Tey. Nothing really stand out except for Kaisen Salad and Wagyu Houba. We ordered a few side dishes and sushi to share plus another 3 sets of set meal. Really was a tummy bursting meal. This coming Sat going to Minori Dining & Sakae Bar with my boss and colleagues for lunch. Goodness is Japanese food again, too much feasting for this CNY...

Kaisen Salad (S$9.90)
Salmon & Tuna Sashimi Salad w/Japanese Dressing

Wagyu Houba (S$16.90)
Sliced Wagyu beef with garlic & miso sesame paste

Grilled Saba (S$8.90)

Grilled Salmon Fish Head (S$9.90)

I enjoyed all the above side dishes very much...

Chicken Shogayaki Set (S$17.90)
Grill Chicken w/Ginger Sauce & Softshell Crab Tempura serve w/Chawamushi, Miso Soup, Rice & Fruits.

Festive Goodies - Hokkai Wazen Set(S$23.90)
Hotplate Squid w/Garlic Sauce, Salmon Sashimi & BBQ Eel Don serve w/Chawamushi, Miso Soup & Fruits.

Unagi Tofu Set (S$18.90)
Hotplate Unagi Tofu & Assorted Tempura serve w/Chawamushi, Miso Soup, Rice & Fruits.
The sauce for the squid & chicken were too sweet and the eel was not very good as the skin was too thick that made it chewy. I would prefer it to be soft and melt in th mouth. We don't really enjoy the sets.

It's doesn't end there, we still have a few plates of sushi to share:

Ichiban Boshi
- More than just sushi

Novena Square
238 Thomson Road #02-13/14
Singapore 307683
Tel: 62557767


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