Feb 1, 2009

Yuan Xiao Jie Workshop Menu 2

Yuan Xiao Jie occurs on the 15th day of the Lunar New Year, marking the end of the Chinese New Year. The festival occurs on the first full moon after Lunar New Year, and is a time for the family to get together. It is also the custom to eat tang yuan (glutinous rice balls) on this day and have another reunion dinner.

Chef Yong offered 2 menu for Yuan Xiao Jie and I attended one of them yesterday at Cairhill CC. My main interest is the yam cake, which was Chef's mum recipe.

Here's my samplings for the day:
Shredded Yam & Pork Spring Rolls w/Black Fungus serve with Thai Chilli Sauce.

Soy Braised Chicken with Rose Wine & Ginger Spring Onion Confit

Steam Yam Cake with XO Sauce & Special Home-made Sweet Sauce

I like all 3 dishes so will cook them somedays. After all the CNY cooking & baking, have to take break... so tired! Starting work tomorrow after 1 full week of holidays. Definitely going to be a busy month ahead for me. lol...

For workshops details & registration, please refer to Chef Yong's Blog: Cook with passion


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