Feb 1, 2009

Home-made Popiah & Kway Pie Tee Party

Yesterday we were invited by Jaime(my buddy) to her house for a CNY gathering. She prepared home-made popiah, kway pie tee, fried mid-wings & pizza for dinner.

This was her version of popiah. We given it a name - Angmoh Popiah! Why is it so because instead of local lettuce and coriander leaves, iceberg lettuce and english parsley were used... LOL... So funny but we still enjoyed the food very much. Thanks Lim for your effort!

She bought the popiah skin from Chinatown, really good even better than the one at Joo Chiat. The chilli prepared by her colleague was really shiok super hot!!!

We ended our night with 'Lo Hei Yu Sheng' because the next day (today) was the 7th day of CNY whom we chinese called it human day (Renri) so this day most people like to gather together and have 'yu sheng'.


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