Feb 1, 2009

Dinner At Chua Seng Huat Again!

Today was 'Renri' - Human day. We had our dinner at Chua Seng Huat again but we didn't 'Lo Hei'. Only the four of us, can't finish a plate of yusheng as they only have one standard size. Times are bad, save money ah!

We ordered their signature dish - Fried Crab Beehoon. Wow, really impressively good & delicious but a bit high dose of MSG. I was very thirsty the whole night. The beehoon was soak with the crab flavor and the beehoon texture was good, still very springy. A must try dish. Not to forget their pricing are good, that why they are always packed. The Crab is at S$32/kg and our crab beehoon cost S$26.00. It's really quite cheap and the portion was good.

Another Must Try dish for fish head lover - Steamed Song Fish Head w/Black Bean Sauce (SS16.00). I enjoyed this dish very much, the fish was so sweet and fresh without any muddy taste at all. The black bean paste sauce was super yummy and simply made you ask for more rice to go with.

To complete the meal with a simple Stir Fry Hong Kong Kai Lan w/Garlic (S$8.00).

A very satisfying meal and definitely will come back often to try their other dishes especially their steam fish & braised duck.

Chua Seng Huat Seafood Restaurant
Blk 9, Lorong 8
Toa Payoh Industrial Park
Singapore 319061
Tel: 62540896 HP: 97864427
Opening hour: 5.00pm to 10.30pm
(Wednesday - Closed)


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