Mar 21, 2009

Chicken Hotpot @ Square 2

Passed by Chicken Hotpot @ Square 2 a few times since it was opened months ago. I think there are other outlets too, one of them at Shenton way. The fragrant coming from the steaming hotpot smell so delicious and I always wanted to try. Went there for dinner last Tuesday. It was really good and I will definitely go back again.

It was situated at the snack bar corner beside NTUC at Sq 2. This eatery originated from China and their menu is pretty simple, they served 2 types of hotpot - chicken and beef in small, medium and large size. Prices ranging from $12 plus to $20 plus (No GST & service charge).

Chicken Hotpot (L - S$20.80)

We ordered a large chicken hotpot and a small beef hotpot to share for 5 of us. The chicken was marinated with more than 10 types of spices and stir fry with onion, leek, green pepper, red chilli, carrot, celery, ginger and sizchuan peppercorn. It was full of flavor and the sauce was so delicious. Shiok! They have spicy and non spicy version. Bird chilli was added for spicy version. They will add stock when the sauce began to dry up. It was still as good even with stock added in.

Beef Behemoth (S - S$12.80)

Plate: Yellow - S$1.00 / White - S$2.00 / Black - S$3.00
For me, I prefer the beef but the chicken was nice too. The beef was so tender and almost have the melt in the mouth texture. So yummy! We can order side dishes like veg, mushroom, meat, seafood, noodles etcs to cook in the hotpot when stock was added and eat it like a steamboat.

SG Chicken Hotpot
Square 2
10 Sinaran Drive
Singapore 307506
Tel: 6397 7175


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