Apr 30, 2009

Mango Yogurt Cake

29th Apr 2009

This was a very simple & easy to do cake, recipe from my newly bought cookbook - Fruity Cakes by Alex Goh. Usually when I bought a new cookbook, I'll pick the easiest recipe to do first. I used a few mini loaf tin to bake this yummy cake.

Tested & Tasted: Very soft and light.

Mango Yogurt Cake (Recipe adapted from Alex Goh's Fruity Cakes)

(A) 3 Eggs (60g ea) * 280g Sponge mix (Optima)

(B) 100g Mango yogurt drink

(C) 120g Melted butter * 60g Mango yogurt

1. Whip (A) until light. Stir in (B) and continue to whip till light & fluffly at max speed.
2. Fold in (C) & mix until well blended.
3. Pour the batter into a greased mini mould at 180 deg c for 20 mins.


Wellington Artist said...

I sounds YUMMY!!! I can't wait to bake it and eat it.

Wen said...

Hi Sandy,

Thanks for accepting my foodbuzz friend request and dropping by my blog.

Hope to see you try out this recipe. Happy baking!

Simonne said...

I'm using 7" pan to bake this
But 180C for 20 min, is (undercooked) so i add another 10 min.

Have u bake in 7" before (for other cakes as well) Normally what temp to use for 7"


Simonne said...

Wen, make cake turn out 80% good
The 20% fault at the cake bottom haiz...
I think the yogurt drink n oil should have premix them in advance

Wen said...

Hi Simonne,

For this cake, I never bake in bigger tin before.

I think you should bake at 160 deg c for 35 to 40 mins for 7" - 9" tin.

nanda said...

Good recipes. I like very much

Trazz said...

Hi. Is the mango yogurt in C the same as B?

Trazz said...

Hi Wen,
May I check if the mango yogurt in (C) is also the same as the mango yogurt drink in (B)?

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