Apr 13, 2009

Passionfruit Cakes Workshop

Last Saturday, attended a baking workshop by Aunty Yochana. It's the season for Passionfruit, all three cakes we learnt on that day used fresh passionfruit instead of puree. I love all three of them, they were so refreshing and yummy. Looking forward to try making them myself...

In just about 3 hrs session, Aunty Yochana demostrated the above to us effortlessly even though there were so many steps to complete the whole cake. I have already listed these 3 cakes in my to bake list, the list seem to get longer... lol!

My samplings for the day, it was almost melting when I brought the cakes home. Quickly have a few snaps first before I put it back to the fridge.

During the break, we were served with a delicious spread of snacks and desserts made by Aunty. Also, each of us were given a pack of Easter Day Cookies! Thank you, Aunty Yochana!

For baking class schedules, please email her or drop her a comment in her blog:
Yochana Cake's Delight


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