May 17, 2009

Passionfruit Terrine De Mango w/Strawberry

Passionfruit also known as water lemon, purple or greenish-yellow when ripe, it contains watery pulp surrounding small seeds. I bought a few from my neighbourhood Shop & Save to make this cake that I learnt from Aunty Yochana's workshop.


Anonymous said...

Hi Wen,

is it possible for u to share the recipe to this lovely cake? thanks in advance!


la pseudocanadienne said...

Hi Wen,I
As u can c, I'm a S'porean that lives in Canada. Was wondering if u'd b kind enough to post this recipe? I'd like to try it :)( if it's not too complicated) Many thks in advance.

Wen said...


Sorry I can't post up this recipe as this is from Aunty Yochana and she is still conducting class on this.

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