Jun 19, 2009

Amoy Shrimp Shaomai

Anyone tried this before? Anyway, this is one of my favourite convenient frozen food in the market. Whenever I see there's promotion when I'm doing grocery shopping at supermart, I will grab a pack or 2. Now Shop & save is having promotion, $2.95/pack (I think u.p $3.95). Try it and you will be surprised it's yummy! Definitely taste better than those selling in coffeeshop. Of course can't compare to those at dim sum restaurant but not too far off. You can actually tasted lots of prawn in it and I can easily finish half a pack myself.

How I get to know this product? Actually was from watching Hongkong drama. There's one drama where they always go to 7-eleven to buy this for supper. In Hongkong, it's very common to see them having supper at 7-eleven where there are table around for you to stand dine in the shop. Since then I fell in love with this shaomai...


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